Your time.

No luggage.

Stop wasting vacation time carrying your luggage. LUGGit collects your luggage where you are and delivers it at the place and time you want.

Arrived in town early?

LUGGit answers a common problem travelers face on every trip, sometimes your check-in is only in the afternoon, other times you check out at midday but your flight is only at night. What's the problem on these occasions? You have to carry your luggage everywhere and this is painful.

With LUGGit you can request a Keeper in real-time that will directly collect your luggage anywhere you are, store it for as long as you need and deliver it directly to you at the airport or somewhere else. We take care of everything. Convinced?

Get LUGGit and enjoy your time. Free of luggage!

How it works

1.Where from and to?

Select the pick-up and drop-off locations. We pick up your luggage anywhere and deliver it at the location and time you choose.

2.What time and how many bags?

Select how many bags to deliver and what time you want your luggage at the final destination. You can add up bags of different shapes and sizes, as small, big and out of size. Each volume has standard insurance.

3.Stay in Control.

There is not any safest deposit. After making your request you can keep an eye on your luggage at every step of the process by following its journey in the app in real-time.

4.Live for what matters.

We truly believe that Time Matters, so make the most out of it!

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