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Special measures

In order to face the COVID-19 Pandemic, we implemented several measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the process from our Keepers, Customers and their luggage to our Partners.

All of our procedures are in accordance with the rules defined by Portuguese Health Organization and the World Health Organization.

We hold the Safe Travels seal promoted by the World Travel and Tourism Council due to full compliance with hygiene and disinfection procedures.

Some of our measures

During the pandemic we redefined ourselves and we created a service called #WeMoveIt that allowed the Portuguese population to send goods like clothes, food and medicine to closest friends or family.

So we implemented very early on stricted measures to ensure the safety of all the intervenients in the process.

General care

• Social conduct;

• Hand sanitation;

• Respiratory etiquette;

• Self monitorization.

To our Customers

• Social distance;

• Individual protection equipment.

To our Keepers

• Individual protection equipment;

• Disinfection procedure of the luggage;

• Disinfection procedure of the vehicles.

To our Partners

• The security to receive in their facilities luggage that went through our disinfection procedure.

Complete security protocol

A message from LUGGit’s CEO

The COVID-19 Pandemic stopped the world and as any company in the travel sector, we were hit seriously.

However, we took advantage of everything we have learned from the pandemic time and we are reinventing ourselves towards a brighter future.

To our Customers, that will start to travel, you can trust on us to make your time more enjoyable while traveling without carrying your luggage.

To our Partners, we now have a solution specially built for you. We believe this will help you provide better experiences to your customers.

To our Keepers, we are making sure that all the security material and procedures are implemented in order to ensure the security for everyone.

Finally, to our Team that firmly believe in a world where people will travel without ever carrying their luggage, that is becoming a reality.

You can count on us. Stay Safe.

Ricardo Figueiredo, CEO & Co-Founder