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Top Questions

How do I use the Promo Code?

On your APP menu, in the left sidebar, you have a place to add the promo code that will be used on your next service.

Is there any insurance for the luggage?

Each bag is previously insured by LUGGit, in 500€, without the need of any action from the customer. If the customer wants to raise the value of the insurance from 500 € to 1200 €, has to select the option “Premium Insurance” when the request is made. The insurance is applicable to each bag, this means, that if the customer wants to insure all the bags in 1200 € has to select that option individually for all of them.

If I'm late and can not get there what happens?

There are always 15 minutes of tolerance, after that time will be charged 2.50 € for every additional 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes in total. After the 30 minutes will be scheduled with the customer new hour to do the delivery.

What will be the basis for calculating the Keeper's earnings?

The Keeper's earnings will be calculated according to the collected bags, the number of kilometers done during the services and the time between the collection and delivery of the luggage.