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Getting started, request a service, the security measures involved and everything you need to know to have a great experience.

To Start

LUGGit provides a luggage service that includes collection, storage and delivery, wherever and whenever customers want.

The service is done by a LUGGit Keepers.

The LUGGit service must be requested on the mobile application, which is available in Android and IOS, and can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store.

Yes, to be able to simulate or request a LUGGit service, you must have an account registered in the application.

In order to register, you will be asked for your mobile phone number, which is verified by an automatic message, your name and your email. A possible alternative is to use your Facebook account.

Check if the phone number you entered is correct, asking for the activation code to be resent if needed.

In the event that the problem persists, you should contact LUGGit support.

LUGGit has a 24-hour support service available to you.

Immediate assistance can be provided through Messenger, Whatsapp or Website Chat. The phone line is also available on +351913880216.

If your question is financial or bureaucratic, it should be addressed to the email, [email protected]


In the application there is an interactive tutorial that explains in detail how you can request the service.

In short, you must clarify how many bags will be transported, and identify the locations and times of delivery and collection.

Order confirmation is made with payment.

After confirming the service, a Keeper will be assigned to you.

At the indicated time, Keeper will collect your luggage at the location defined as the pick-up point, store it for the desired time and deliver outback to you, at the delivery place chosen.

You will, also, always have access to the location of your luggage and a direct contact line with Keeper.

The payment of the service is made through the mobile application, through a credit card number.

If you have a promo code, it can be used when you are requesting the service, in the lower right corner of the payment screen, or previously entered, in the application menu, in the left sidebar.

Each promotional code can only be used once.

The change of conditions and cancellation of the service is subject to the status of the order in question, but all possibilities are exposed to you in the application. Besides that, LUGGit support will be available to suppress any exceptional needs.

You will always have your luggage wherever and whenever you want it.

Safety & Hygiene

Upon collection, Keeper will seal each bag with a buckle that contains a unique QR code. These buckles will serve to ensure that the luggage is inviolable, allowing you to track them during the process.

Each bag is previously insured by LUGGit, within 500€, without the need of any action from the customer.

You have the possibility to activate the premium insurance when requesting the service, which insures each baggage at 1200 €.

LUGGit is not responsible for the contents of the luggage.

In the event of a problem with luggage, LUGGit's support channels must be contacted promptly.

LUGGit will initiate a liability assessment process and activate the associated insurance, if necessary.

Due to the pandemic situation, LUGGit has stipulated a set of procedures that aim to ensure the safety of everyone.

This procedure includes all the standards defined by national and global health entities, as well as a disinfection procedure for every luggage.

The full hygiene procedure can be consulted here.