Clients Help

Getting started, your LUGGit requests, payments and everything you need to have a good experience.

To Start

The App is available in Android and IOS, you can download it at the Play Store and App Store.

Yes, to be able to simulate or request a service, you have to have an your LUGGit account created and validated.

In order to signing up, you need to insert your phone number, which will receive a verification code. After that, you just need to add your name and email to your account or associate your Facebook account to create your LUGGit account.

First of all, please verify if you put the correct phone number and click the option to send the code again. If the problem continues to happen, please send an email to [email protected] that we will reach you as faster as we can.


The requirement is made in real time through our mobile application. To be able to request a service you will only have to give some personal information, clarify how many bags you want to be transported, the time and location you want us to delivered them to you.

After the confirmation of the service, one of our Keepers will immediately pick up the luggage at the location you set as the collection point. The luggage will be taken care by LUGGit until the time of delivery, at which time a Keeper will leave your luggage at the chosen drop off point.

The payment of the service is made through the mobile application. Please add a credit card number to your request and/or account.

On your APP menu, in the left sidebar, you have a place to add the promo code that will be used on your next service.

Yes, you can. After make your request, you can always cancel until one of our Keepers accept the service.

Yes. To change the time or location please contact +351919171651.


As soon as the Keeper arrives to pick up your luggage, he will have to seal with a cable tie each one of your bags. The cable tie has a unique qr code to ensure that your luggage is inviolable and that you can track your bags during the entire process, always knowing who is responsible for them.

Each bag is previously insured by LUGGit, in 500€, without the need of any action from the customer. LUGGit is not responsible for the contents of the luggage.

The bags are secured by default for 500 €. When there is an occurrence should be sent an email to [email protected] or made a call to +351919171651.


There are always 15 minutes of tolerance, after that time will be charged 2.50 € for every additional 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes in total. After the 30 minutes will be scheduled with the keeper new hour to do the delivery.

There are always 15 minutes of tolerance, after that time will be credited on the client’s account 2.50 € for each additional 5 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes LUGGit will be in charge of sending the luggage to the client afterwards, in a place to be combined.