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Partners Help

Partnering with LUGGit, how to communicate, revenue support.

To Start

A Partner is someone that see LUGGit as an add value service for their guests and advise the use of LUGGit’s service to improve their travel experience.

LUGGit's main purpose is to give time to all stakeholders. Being able to provide your guests more time to enjoy their travel is the best reason we can give you to become our partner. Besides, being able to stop worrying about Luggage, with all the logistics that requires early check ins or late check outs out and still earn from it seem to us very satisfactory reasons.

Willingness to provide a better service to your guests.

After registering on LUGGit’s website, we will contact you to ask you the name of the code you want us to create.

You can use this template to include on the message you send to your guests by Whatsapp, Email, Booking, Airbnb, etc…: “LUGGit collects your luggage when and wherever you want and deliver it at the place and time you choose. Download LUGGit and use code XXX to get 3€ discount.”


Each one of our Partners earn 8% of every service their guests use its code. After the first 50 services, this percentage rises from 8% to 10%.

The Partner's earnings will be transferred at the end of each month to the bank account identified during his registration.

Yes. Before LUGGit can transfer your earnings, you must emit an invoice of the your monthly earnings and send to [email protected]