For Keepers

Become a Keeper

and have a new source

of revenue

Become a Keeper

and have a new

source of revenue

Keepers are professional drivers responsible for collecting, storing, and delivering luggage.

Flexible hours and maximum autonomy

Optimised pick up and delivery routes, earning more compared to other platforms

Get your earnings every two weeks


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Receive news and updates from LUGGit

Strive to provide the

best service

Being a Keeper means sharing the purpose of prioritizing travelers' satisfaction and comfort.


What do you need?

Share LUGGit’s values

Be friendly, committed, transparent, and customer obsessive

Means to do the job for yourself

Vehicle for transportation of luggage and storage location

Communicate with ease

Ability to communicate in several languages with travellers


What to expect from LUGGit ?

Real-time tracking

Constant monitoring on the ground and support always available

Everything you need to carry out the service

Provision of the technological tools and materials

Monetisation and maximum efficiency

Logistics optimisation for accumulation of services with fewer resources


How to start working?

Start the recruitment process

Fill out a form with personal information.

You can find the form here.

Get interviewed by our team

Demonstrate your motivation for the job.

Have digital and field training

Learn how to use our mobile app and how to perform the services.

Experience period

We will have a trial period before you become a Keeper.


Keepers Experience


"What amazes me the most about LUGGit is their focus on providing a service of excellence. The customer always comes first. The constant support that Keepers get, makes us feel part of the company and helps us share the values of the company with the customers."

Vitor Conceição


Ready to become our Keeper?

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