Integrate LUGGit into

your Platform

Allow your customer to access LUGGit with one click.

Provide a luggage pick up and delivery integrated service

Solve a long-standing problem with a seamless approach

Increase your service level with an innovative feature


Why you should integrate LUGGit?

While using your platform, your customers will have the chance to solve their luggage-related problems in a fully integrated way.

Easy integration

You can integrate with a one-time setup with our API

One more valuable feature

Add-on service without leaving your platform

Increase your market value

Offer a unique service to your customers


Integrate our API or Widget

Our luggage as a service platform allows you to use it as you like. Depending on your business and the type of interaction you wish to provide to your customers, we can integrate several solutions.

Start a new session

Checkout clients' request

Confirm the request

All set!


Integrate into your booking engine

Using our SDKs, we provide a personalized widget that can be integrated into your platform in a matter of minutes.

Personalised add-on service

The widget can be fully customized with your branding.

Increase your value proposition

Provide a seamless booking experience and increase your direct reservations.

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Our Partners


PMS and Channel Manager

At AvaiBook we are always looking for the best tools for our clients (vacation rental owners and property managers). LUGGit helps them to improve the guest experience at the beginning and at the end of the journey/trip. Vacation rental owners and property managers can offer luggage pick-up, (storage) and delivery/drop off in their messages and automatic communications to travellers/guests days before their arrival and departure, offering the best 360º/greatest experience.


PMS and Channel Manager

Our partnership with LUGGit has exceeded our best expectations. First of all, it is a disruptive application for hotels and rental accommodations in the way that luggage pickup, storage and delivery is done. Beyond that we should also mention that while integration between YnnovBooking and LUGGit was being done we found a focused and very proficient team with a great desire to make things perfect. Therefore we have no doubt that we are facing a company that will be a great player in their area of ​​expertise.

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