We are LUGGit

All of us have already felt the nuisance that is to have to unnecessarily carry our luggage, either because our flight is on the afternoon and we have to check-out from our hotels by the morning, or because we have arrived town early and our check-in is only in the afternoon.

This makes the first or last day of our travels very stressful and unpleasant. Moreover, it is common to waste precious time going to the hotel just to ask if it is possible to drop our luggage before the check-in.

Why does it have to be this way? It does not!

That is why we decided to embrace the challenge and fix it for you! Therefore LUGGit was born! LUGGit is a platform that allows you to have your luggage picked up when and wherever you want, and delivered at the place and time you choose.

For us your time matters! With LUGGit you can relax and enjoy your time traveling not carrying.

Our team

Ricardo Figueiredo
Ricardo FigueiredoCEO

Building a vision is a never ending process. Our ability to enjoy and learn from the ups and downs as a team of different but complementary people is what makes dreams become true.

Diogo Correia
Diogo CorreiaCOO

Numbers are a specialty and solving problems with creativity is my pleasure! It is not everyday that we can leave our mark by leveraging technology which directly improves people’s travel experience. It is our responsability and ambition.

João Pedrosa
João PedrosaCTO

The challenge of being capable of turning an idea into reality is what drives me. I'm passionate about mobile technologies, with a keen interest in creating breakthrough solutions and applications that have a real impact on the world.

Hugo Fonseca
Hugo FonsecaHead of Development

Problem solving is at my core skill. I'm fascinated about learning, teaching, implementing and developing new technologies. Making sure everything runs as planned it's my main priority.