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At LUGGit, our core values shape our identity and guide our actions. Our foundation is built on excellence, ambition, teamwork, and the vision of building today for the future. We are committed to delivering exceptional services while reshaping the future of travel.

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Nothing is more rewarding than chasing a vision with so many talented and great people.

Ricardo Figueiredo

Co-founder, CEO

Imagine waking up everyday and working with 5-star human beings on something that can impact millions of people. That is right! It is what I feel about working at LUGGit :)

Diogo Correia

Co-founder, COO

From day one, we've built something incredible. Being at LUGGit is understanding what our customers, partners, and especially our team need to succeed on the luggage-free mission.

Hugo Fonseca

Co-founder, CTO

LUGGit provides an easy-to-use, comfortable and completely stress-free experience, allowing customers to make the most of their journey. What about me? I do feel like a customer!

Miguel Santos

Head of Operations & People

At LUGGit, every day is an adventure. Challenges guide my growth, and with an amazing team, it's more than a job – it's contributing to something great. Proud to be part of the LUGGit family!

Helena Cardoso

Front-end Engineer

Working here entails being part of a team of intelligent and considerate individuals who consistently provide support, collaborating to achieve shared objectives and overcome obstacles.

Mauro Filho

Mobile Engineer

Working at LUGGit means daily problem-solving, breaking barriers, and embracing continuous evolution. It's gratifying to witness our dedication to enhancing customer experiences for enjoyable trips.

Ana Costa

Operations Coordinator

The data shows that it's not recommended due to high standards of fun, autonomy and ambition. Working here feels like you're part of something special and for something bigger.

Silas Abreu

Data Analysts

At LUGGit, I'm not just a UX/UI Designer. I'm a co-pilot on the thrilling flight of innovation. Every day is a personalised adventure, making my journey with LUGGit exciting.

Filipa Ferreira

UI/UX Designer

A startup is a great place to learn as much as possible from all of the functional areas of a company. Being part of one makes your work impactful and meaningful, no matter how small.

Gonçalo Oliveira

Operations Coordinator

Working at LUGGit is a continuous challenge every day. Developing the company in my country, Spain, makes me feel incredibly proud. It's only crazy until you do it!

Jaime Garín

Spain Market Manager

Joining LUGGit allows me to contribute to a global solution with an exceptional team. As a passionate traveler, the chance to transform the travel experience is both exciting and motivating.

Pablo Falcón

Junior Business Analyst

Navigating the fast-growing business that is LUGGit feels like jamming in a garage band with a bunch of talented folks. You're convinced it's bound for greatness, but you also know that the best times are happening right now.

André Pereira

Head of Growth

I feel privileged to be a part of such a fantastic team that is on a mission to deliver exceptional services. Something tells me we're gonna SMASH the travel industry norms and reshape the future of travel.

Tomas Vanek

Prague Market Manager

Being a part of LUGGit is about making a meaningful impact on people's lives. I get to work alongside a motivated and passionate team and feel like I’m making a difference.

Joana Gonçalves

Marketing & Communication

Working at LUGGit is incredibly fulfilling. Contributing to a product I wholeheartedly believe in, alongside a team of intelligent and passionate individuals, truly makes all the difference!

Pedro Loureiro

Mobile Engineer

At LUGGit, each day brings us closer to success. Fueled by dedication, every improvement strengthens us. This is LUGGit's spirit – where every contribution matters and every day is an opportunity for greatness together.

João Marques

Full-Stack Engineer

Not everything is about adjusting pixels! Here we craft unique experiences for our travelers and team — and that, ladies & gentlemen, is greatness at its best. This is just the beginning, and I can't wait to see what's next!

Adarsha Gavião

Graphic Designer

Working in a Customer-centered business is knowing that our work is addressing the client's needs and expectations. Every day is a new challenge and it`s a privilege to embrace them in a Startup like LUGGit.

Tomás Pasion

Operations Assistant


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Max weight: 35kg
Max size: 200 x 100 x 60 cm


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