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A new way to plan your trip

by Raquel Morgado, Marketing & Communication

Published June 14, 2021


Flight schedules, check-in and check-out times are a few of the biggest obstacles we face when planning a trip.

For instance, how many times did you arrive at the airport in the morning and you could only check-in at the hotel or accommodation in the late afternoon? What happens most of the time is that we end up losing hours of our travel, or we choose to carry our bags around the city during those hours, making the experience tiring and frustrating, and the same thing happens at the time of check-out.

LUGGit, through its new website, allows you to schedule your luggage pick-up, storage, and delivery service in advance whenever and wherever you want, making the planning easier for you.

This feature allows you to arrive at your destination and have a Keeper (person who will collect and store your luggage) waiting for you at the place and time previously scheduled, to relieve you from the burden of taking care of your luggage in the first and/or last hours of your trip.

How it works:

  • You book the service (tell us the pick-up and drop locations, desired time, and how many bags you have with you);
  • One of our Keepers will meet you at the agreed time and place;
  • You will be able to track your luggage in real-time during the day (your bags will be sealed and secured while you explore the city and you can always check where they are using our mobile app).

In addition to the features presented, LUGGit's website has undergone improvements in terms of design, now having an improved and appealing interface, new features and spaces dedicated to each type of the services.

LUGGit works hard every day to provide you with a better experience during your travels, saving time and avoiding worries about your luggage, always with the highest safety and quality.

Are you ready to travel free?


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