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Luggage Storage in Barcelona - A guide for a hassle-free trip

by Beatriz Costa, Marketing & Communication

Published August 31, 2022


Tourism in Barcelona is one of the most diverse ever. You can see exciting monuments or religious ones or even enjoy good weather on the beach all on the same day. However, there is not always time to see and enjoy everything due to carrying your bags before check-in or after check-out.

So that this does not happen, we leave you a list of luggage storage solutions in Barcelona.


Unlike conventional luggage storage solutions, LUGGIT allows you to avoid the inconvenience of travelling to the storage units to drop off or pick up your luggage.

LUGGit is a luggage storage service that connects travellers with Keepers (drivers). Whether you arrive by plane, train or any other travelling method, LUGGit collects and delivers your luggage at the time and place you choose anywhere in the city. You can book it in real-time or in advance with our app or website.

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Benefits of using LUGGit:

  • Customer support every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Track your luggage in real-time using the mobile app
  • You don't need to go to luggage lockers and come back to pick up your luggage
  • Insurance of 500€ (standard) or 1200€ (premium) per bag

Check more here.


LuggageHero is luggage storage that works with partner shops, hotels and cafés. They have more than 80 locations around Barcelona, and the price is 7€ per day per suitcase or 0.95€ per hour. In this case, it is necessary to go to the partners to leave your luggage.

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You can only book Bounce services through their website or app. There are 92 locations available around Barcelona, and the price is 5€ per day per bag. Like the previous one, you must go there to leave your bags.

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Vertoe is a luggage storage service that uses local businesses like hotels, restaurants, and retail shops with extra space to store your luggage. The cost is 5.95€ per bag per day, and there are over 21 locations where you can leave your bags. As with the previous options, you need to go there to drop off your bags.

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Radical Storage

Radical Storage works in the same way. They partner with 77 local businesses in Barcelona, where you need to go there to drop off your bags. The price is 5 euros per day per suitcase.

Radical Storage Logo


Stasher works with hotels and local stores to store your bags. They have 34 Stash Points and it has a cost of 5€ per day per bag. Like the previous options, you must go there to store your bags.

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The NannyBag is another option where you need to move to leave your bags (partner shops, hotels or restaurants). They have more than 58 Nannies spread around the city and cost 6€ per bag per day. Unfortunately, all Bookings must be made online since they do not accept bookings in shops.

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Bags&Go is a service of luggage storage lockers + luggage delivery.

You can find them at the airport at Terminal 1, on Floor 0 outside the railway lobby and through the revolving doors on the RIGHT. They will also be at Terminal 2, outside Terminal 2B, in front of the Shuttle-Bus / Bus-Lanzadera stop.

The cost of this service is from 12€ for the first suitcase and route, for the second suitcase onwards 8€.

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Stow Your Bags

There are two self-service luggage stores in Barcelona. One near the Basilica la Sagrada Familia and one near the Sants Train Station. The price per locker starts from 2,49€.

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Barcelona Airport

Barcelona Airport has a Left Luggage Office located in Terminals 1 and 2. The price for the deposit depends on the number of luggage and the deposit time.

  • 6 € per bag for the first 2 hours
  • 12€ per bag up to 24 hours

Sants Estacó Train Station

You can find the lockers in the main hall and store your bags from 5:30 to 23:00 every day. Prices vary according to size. Small lockers cost €3.50 for 24 hours and large lockers €5 for 24 hours.

Barcelona Nord Bus Station

More centrally than the train station, these lockers are located outside the bus terminal. There are around 50 lockers of varying sizes. It is possible to use the lockers 24 hours a day, and prices vary according to their size:

  • Small locker: 3,5€ per 24 hours
  • Large locker: 5€ per 24 hours
  • Ski Locker: 7€ per 24 hours

Lockers near to Plaça de Catalunya

These lockers are located right in the centre of Barcelona, near Plaça de Catalunya.

You can open the locker as many times as you like during the day, as it works on a password basis.

There are three types of lockers, and the prices vary according to their sizes:

  • Medium lockers: 4,50€/day
  • Large lockers: €8.00/day
  • XL lockers: €14.00/day

Which one is the most convenient option for you? The one you have to travel to or the one they pick up and deliver for you?

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