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Invite Short-Term Rental Managers to join with LUGGit and get up to 80€ for each one!


by LUGGit Team

Published November 2, 2022


Hello LUGGit Enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to announce that we have just launched our referral program!

Our mission is to help short-term rental property managers provide the best service to their guests while reducing costs and their operational hustle.
We believe this journey we are on together would be even more exciting if you could share it with your peers.

That's why we created our referral program!

If you like LUGGit’s service, you can refer us to Short-Term Rental Managers and get up to 80€ for each referral. And as an extra gift, we offer one month of DOUBLE commission for the company you are referring!

You can share your referral code on online groups, forums, or directly with the company you have in mind! We have no sharing restrictions.

Referral Program Overview

  • You have to fill out the form and join the program before getting your code
  • You do not have to be a current LUGGit partner (or even a short-term rental manager) to join the program
  • To count as a successful referral, the company referred must partner with LUGGit and must operate, at least, in one of the following cities: Lisbon, Porto, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna
  • Your commission varies depending on the number of listings the company referred has (check out table below)
  • You will receive an Amazon Gift Card (sent within four weeks) with the respective amount.
  • Each new referral that partners with LUGGit using your code will receive one month of double commission.
  • After you share your link, the referee must fill out their details on the forms and book a meeting with our team. Or contact us directly by email at [email protected] (indicating the link/code).
Number of Listings Commission Value
1 to 3 listings 20€
4 to 9 listings 40€
10+ listings 80€

Help us share our mission. Refer a friend and earn up to 80€ for every successful referral!


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