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Six apps you need on your next trip

by Raquel Morgado, Marketing & Communication

Published April 13, 2021


Day after day, the world we live in becomes more digital.

Every day we use our mobile phone - to see the weather, search for something, make payments, or spend time. During our travels this is also no exception, whether it is to book flights or choose restaurants, the mobile phone is essential.

That’s why we brought you a list of six apps that you’ve probably never heard of, but that will be very useful for your future trips.

1. AroundMe

With the AroundMe, app, you can have a list of all the places you are looking for in a matter of seconds. You can discover the restaurants, ATMs, supermarkets, and even the nearest pharmacies through your location. The app also allows you to download the map directly to Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.

2. Hostelworld

Do you want to know the world differently and make new friends?? Nothing better than spending your stay in a hostel! With the Hostelworld app, you will find the best Hostels spread over several cities globally and at very affordable prices.

3. CityMapper

Do you use public transport during your travels? With this app, you can compare schedules, departure, and arrival times for various transports, such as trains, buses, or subways in various cities worldwide. CityMapper also provides traffic information, whether traveling by car, bicycle or even on foot.

4. XE

Do you want to check exchange rates for a particular country, send money quickly without fees or see how much that product or dinner will actually cost you? Through XE, you can do all of this in any part of the world, and through a single app.

5. iTranslate

With the iTranslate app, you can translate text, voice, and even images into more than 100 different languages in a matter of seconds. Not knowing how to speak the local language will never be a problem again on your travels after downloading this app.

6. LUGGit

Through the app, you can ask in real-time for a Keeper, who will collect your luggage and deliver it wherever and whenever you want.

With LUGGit, you can enjoy your trip from beginning to end without having to worry about where and how you will store your luggage in the first and last hours of travel. The service is available in Lisbon and Porto, and for a better experience, you can use the code “APPLUGGIT” to get a discount of 3€ on your service.


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