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The best tips for booking a cheap flight

by Raquel Morgado, Marketing & Communication

Published June 22, 2021


Travelling is one of the best experiences that life provides us. Getting to know new cultures, new people and making us happier are some of the positive points of travelling. However, people do not travel as much as they like, mainly due to high flight prices.

With that in mind, we bring you a list of tips to find the best flight opportunities at the lowest prices.

1. Search with the anonymous browser page

After the first search for flights, the chances of prices going up are high, so searching through anonymous browsers is a solution to find flights at lower prices.

2. Use the websites that show the lowest prices

One of the best tips we have for you is to use the right websites to search for the cheapest flights.

These are some of the sites with the best flight opportunities:

And remember, not all search engines are the same so you should compare the different prices on the different websites.

3. Sign up to receive alerts

Many of the sites mentioned above allow you to choose the price alert option. That is, to receive an email whenever the values of the flight you have chosen change.

4. Round-Trip flights Vs. One-Way flights

Usually, travellers seek to buy round-trip flights, as they associate them with lower prices. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, lower prices can be found when buying one-way flights, as they allow us to make the trips back through different airlines which often translates into lower prices.

5. Be open to stopovers

It may seem strange that we are saying to waste more travel time on flights, however in this case losing a couple of hours can save you hundreds, especially on long-haul flights.

In addition, there are several airlines that offer excellent conditions and advantages in your scale, as is the example of TAP Air Portugal, which has a Stopover Program, which offers special prices in hotels and restaurants.

6. Book early, but not too early

Sometimes buying tickets at the last minute can be more advantageous than people think. However, we cannot wait for the day before the trip to buy the flight. Our tip is to buy in advance but never too much since prices tend to fall when there are few places left.

7. Fly to an airport nearby instead of the main airport

We have already mentioned that making multiple flights can be an option to save money. Researching whether there are other airports close to the destination we want to travel to can also be an option since trips to the main airports tend to have higher values. Check travel prices for both before making your reservation.

8. Early and Late Flights

Normally, early flights or late flights have lower prices, though travellers tend not to buy these flights and spend more money because they do not know what to do in the hours until check-in or check-out in the hotel or accommodation.

With LUGGit, you can book your flights at any time you want and we will be there to collect and store your luggage while you enjoy the first or last hours of your trip.

Extra Tip

According to statistics, the best time to book flights is on Tuesdays in the morning.

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