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7 places you must visit in Vienna

by Sofia Brito, Marketing & Communication

Published May 13, 2022


The capital of Austria is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the most innovative cities in the world. Modern Vienna has undergone several historical incarnations, leaving various historical buildings and attractions become its main tourist attractions.

So, if you are thinking about visiting this city, here are some places we recommend:

St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral’s construction started in the 12th century, becoming one of the most important Gothic structures in Austria and the symbol of Vienna.

Colourful roof tiles were laid on the Cathedral roof to create the Royal and Imperial double-headed eagle and the city's coat of arms.

Besides valuable altars and side chapels, you can also see the impressive Cathedral treasure, which includes relics decorated with gold and precious stones, liturgical texts and books, and vestments.

The All-Inclusive-Ticket (Cathedral, Catacomb tour and South and North Towers) is 20€ for adults and 5€ for children (from 6 to 14 years). You can also visit them separately. Click here for the tickets’ information.

Photos by Ceyda Çiftci (left) and irenefilms (right) on Pexels

St. Charles Church

The Karlskirche, or St. Charles Church, construction was finished in 1739. It is a church that combines stylistic elements from various eras and cultures, thus being the most important baroque church in Vienna.

Until October of 2022, there is a unique opportunity to go to the platform in the dome area and enjoy the mural paintings by Johann Michael Rottmayr and the panoramic view of Vienna.

Photos by Pixabay (left) on Pexels and Paul Bauer (right) on WienTourismus

The Prater

The Prater is an amusement park in Vienna filled with turbulent roller coasters, spooky ghost trains and attractions of all different kinds for everyone.

On November 19th of 2022, they will open the Winter Market. This is an entertainment program in the winter that has been attracting visitors for 12 years. There you will find culinary highlights, attractions and live concerts, mainly by local artists.

Photos by Marie Rouilly (left) and Anton (right) on Unsplash

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is one of Europe's most beautiful Baroque complexes and the most visited tourist attraction in Austria, so it’s recommended that you buy your ticket online to avoid long lines at the ticket booth.

Schönbrunn Palace park is open to visitors freely all year round. It contains impressive fountains, statues, monuments, trees and flowers, and the Café Gloriette, the Imperial Carriage Museum, the Crown Prince Garden, the Zoo, the Palm House and many others.

Photos by Árpád Czapp (left) and (right)


The Vienna Nashmarkt is the city’s best-known market and has around 120 market stands and restaurants offering food from worldwide. In addition, on Saturdays takes place the Flea Market.

Photos by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash

Danube Tower

The Danube Tower is a Viennese landmark and offers the best view over Vienna. The express lift takes you up to the viewing platform 150 meters in the air, with a 360° panorama. It also has cafés at the ground level.

The adult’s ticket is 16€, the children’s ticket is 9.60€, and there are combination tickets with other attractions in the city. Find out more here.

Photos by © Donauturm

Belvedere Museum

The Belvedere Museum is divided into 3 buildings - Lower Belvedere, Upper Belvedere and Belvedere 21.

In the Lower Belvedere, there are art exhibitions from all periods and treasures from the Middle Ages. The Upper Belvedere is a baroque palace with 800 years of art history. And the Belvedere 21 is a venue for contemporary Austrian and international art, film and music and architectural icon of post-war Modernism.

Click here to buy the tickets.

Photo by Leyre . on Unsplash

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