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Holiday travel stopovers: how to make the most of those dead hours

by Jaime Garín, Spanish Market Manager

Published December 20, 2023


Christmas is a special time that motivates many people to travel: some return home after studying or working abroad, others want to enjoy unique phenomena such as the northern lights, or innovate and enjoy these dates in a Caribbean destination. Infinite plans that start in the same place: the airport. If you have also decided to travel this Christmas, the airport can be where you will have to spend many hours if you do not find a direct flight and you have to make a stopover.

Stopovers can often mean a dead time that can generate a lot of stress, having to keep an eye on your luggage, save your cell phone battery, be aware of when your next flight will appear on the screen, etc. A series of tasks that can snatch your Christmas euphoria. So that this does not happen, at LUGGit, we have compiled a series of ideas for you to have fun without stress and take advantage of these slow hours at the airport until you reach your final destination.

For short layovers: Inside the airport

Have a seat at a restaurant

Enjoying a hot chocolate with clouds as if you were in a Christmas movie or a coffee while you take the opportunity to empty your e-mail inbox is always a good plan, more so if you have a view of the runway and can watch the planes as the rest of the passengers embark on a new destination.

Photo by Oleksii Shikov on Unsplash

Discover new products

Airport duty-free shops are full of the most curious items, from colognes to different types of alcohol or giant chocolate bars. They are international stores where you can browse the traditional products of another culture or even buy last-minute gifts for your family or friends.

Relax in a VIP lounge

Airports usually have private areas with sofas, armchairs and comfortable seats for you to relax. An opportunity to enjoy a good read, watch a movie or simply, if you are one of those who prefer to stay at the airport even if the layover is longer than six hours, check the route to the hotel, memorise the city map, or talk to other travellers and find out what your next destination is.

For long stopovers: Outside the airport

Take a city tour

Taking a tour is a plan that takes no more than 2.5 hours and guarantees you'll be back at the airport for your next flight. A short trip through the main streets will allow you to quickly immerse yourself in the city and take pictures of iconic places.

Taste the local cuisine

One of the most striking things about a place is its food. If eating is a pleasure, discovering the typical restaurant closest to the airport or stopping by a local market is the perfect way to expand your range of flavours.

Mercado do Bolhão, Porto. Photo by Rui Alves on Unsplash

Visit iconic places

Every destination usually has an iconic monument, museum or stadium. You can always research the city you're stopping in and book your ticket to enjoy one while waiting to reach your final destination.

Everyone prefers to avoid, as much as possible, staying at the airport longer than necessary. That's why at LUGGit, we pick up, store and deliver your luggage whenever and wherever you want, even at the airport itself, so you can enjoy your trip longer while waiting for your connection in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, or Prague.

Book LUGGit through our website or mobile app (available on iOS and Android) with the code BLOG10 to get a 10% discount and make the most of your stopovers by freeing yourself from your luggage.

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