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Luggage Storage in Lisbon: How to deal with your baggage in the Portuguese Capital

by Youssef Ben Ahmed, Growth Marketing

Updated October 06, 2022


Not all of aspects of travelling is fun, as we tend to forget all the hussle that comes with this amazing experience. One the main pains in the city itself would be what to do with the heavy luggage if the checkout or checkin are too far from your time of landing or departure. This is an actual troublesome situation, especially for the people who enjoy convenience and efficiency when travelling.

However, do not let this challenge stop you from experiencing the amazing city that is Lisbon, and find below some solutions to your luggage problems while you are enjoying Lisbon hassle-free.

1. LUGGit: Luggage pick-up, storage, and delivery, in realtime or booked in advance

LUGGit operates in Lisbon, Porto, Vienna, Prague and Barcelona. Through the app or the website, it is possible to request for luggage pickup and storage on the spot, in real-time, or by booking in advance.

A Keeper (driver) will come to you, and handles everything, so that you can enjoy the city without bags. Your luggage will be stored in a safe location, tagged and locked, and will be then delivered back to you, anytime, anywhere. You can also follow all this in real time on your smartphone!

You can find here the reviews of over 200 satisfied customers!

So if you have an a late check-in, a early checkout, and need the most convenient way to storage your luggage, LUGGit is here for you!

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2. Conventional Luggage Storage units

Whether in Lisbon or any other city, you can find several luggage storage units throughout the city This service allows all tourists to leave their luggage in a physical location (whether it is lockers, or shops that offer storage). This means you have to go there to drop your luggage and come back to pick it up. While it is an old way to do things compared to new solutions, it is still a valid option for many people.

These are Lisbon's best-known luggage storage's units are:


Many solutions are available in Lisbon fulfilling all kind of needs. Each of these solutions has its characteristics, its strengths, and its weaknesses. So we recommend that you evaluate all of your options, from price to convenience and availability, and choose the solution that fits you best.

And with a review score of 4.9/5, you can’t go wrong with LUGGit! So, If you decide to go with us, don’t forget to get started with this promo code (BLOG10) to get 10% off!


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