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Luggage Storage in Lisbon - How to not carry luggage all day

by Wilson Capitão, Growth Manager

Published January 16, 2020


Traveling is a dream of many people. Who's never dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower with their own eyes? Or step on the sand of paradise beaches? Or even visit the most incredible mountains in South America? Traveling is in itself one of the best activities a human being can experience. Traveling is not only the journey itself - it is all that comes with it.

But not everything is wonderful... Who has never traveled and felt that their luggage should shrink to fit in a pocket, and then magically returned to normal size when we were at the hotel? Carrying luggage is probably one of the worst things you can do when you visit a city or any other place.

Of course, there are solutions to this problem! We can already find a luggage storage in any city and besides that, there are still hotels that keep the clients' luggage.

In this list, we will show you the best solutions to leave luggage in the city of Lisbon.

1 - LUGGit - Real-time luggage collection and delivery

LUGGit operates in Lisbon and Porto. Through the app, it is possible to call a keeper on the spot, in real-time, who will pick up our bags exactly where we are. The best part is that we can enjoy the city without bags. Also, we don’t have to go back to the hotel or any other place to pick up the bags because the Keeper will be with the bags wherever and whenever we want.

Using this service saves time. We don't have to make trips to pick up the luggage and we don't even have to spend money on those trips.

To give a practical example of how this service works, we can imagine the following case: During check-out you can call a Keeper through the App. In 10 minutes, he will be at the door of your Airbnb or Hotel and collect the luggage. You will then enjoy the city and in the evening you go to the airport because you have a return flight. When you get to the airport, the Keeper will be there with your luggage.

2 - Luggage Storage

Whether in Lisbon or any other city, you can find several luggage storage's. This service allows all tourists to leave their luggage in a physical location. It is also a service where tourists feel more secure. However, with the arrival of new solutions, this may be changing. Lisbon's best-known luggage storage's are:

3 - Platform Solutions

These platforms are sites that cluster several sites that have become partners of the same platform. These sites are shops, cafes, and restaurants that take advantage of an empty room or space to store tourists' luggage.

4 - Lockers

This is the option where you can leave luggage inside lockers. In this option, no one receives it and no one is responsible for the luggage. It is a space where you have lockers with instructions. All you have to do is arrive at the location, open the locker, close it and make the payment.


All solutions are available in Lisbon and many of them are also in Oporto. Each of these solutions has its characteristics, its strengths, and its weaknesses. To find the best solution, we need to evaluate how much we are planning, what the price of each one is, how short, easy and comfortable it is.

It's OK that we are LUGGit, but this is also our opportunity to explain why we are the best solution within all. We leave here the main points in favor:

  • LUGGit works through its App, both for iOs and Android;
  • You can call a Keeper in real-time. No need to be 24 hours in advance;
  • Customers do not need to make trips to the luggage storage or the hotel. They can enjoy the city and go directly to the airport in case of check-out or to the accommodation in case of check-in;
  • The service is much more complete and the price per suitcase is practically the same as others;
  • Using the promotional code "LUGGITLISBON", you get a discount of 3€ to the final value of the service.