Best Cities to Visit with Kids


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Best Cities to Visit with Kids

by Francisca Ribeiro, Marketing & Communication

Published February 17, 2023


We get it, travelling with kids can be extremely stressful! Carrying all their bags, perhaps even a pram or a pushchair, having to check-in the hotel, having to check out on time, keeping the kids entertained… But we can help you with a few of these things. With LUGGit, you can explore the city bag-free. We pick up your bags, store them and deliver them back to you at your place and time of choice.

We want to make sure the kids retain good memories from their holidays, so we have curated a list of kid-friendly activities for you to explore the next time you visit one of our cities. But first, so you don’t have to stress about your bags and your kids' bags, hand them over to us. At LUGGit, we will pick up, store and deliver your bags at your desired time and location so that you can enjoy your trip stress-free.

You might enjoy some typical Christmas scene, with snow and lots of cold, or you might want to enjoy a slightly different scenario, some sunny days and warm weather. Worry not! We have just the program for you.


Vienna is a wonderful place to visit with kids. Children under the age of six travel for free on the municipal transport system. Kids under fifteen also travel free during official school holidays, on Sundays, and on public holidays. Besides, there are plenty of activities designed to be enjoyed by kids.

For starters, Vienna is home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, Prater Park. The park, featured in the cinema classic The Third Man (1949), is perfect for a little stroll with the kids, featuring a view of the over 250 attractions, a chocolate museum and a harness horse race. You must not forget to check out the Riesenrad, the giant Ferris Wheel, and enjoy its magnificent view of the city.

For an afternoon filled with fun but also educational content, you should take the children to the ZOOM Children’s Museum. This hands-on children’s museum, unlike other museums, does not have open exhibition spaces; instead, it has a series of themed exhibits that are accompanied by museum staff. These exhibitions are meant to inspire kids to explore through various activities aimed at their age group.

With the same educational vibe and entertainment for both children and parents, you can visit the Natural History Museum. There are four billion years of history housed behind the walls of the late 19th-century building, with its elaborate stuccoed frescoed halls and cupola. From the 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf to the kids' favourite dinosaur exhibit, which includes numerous complete fossils as well as moving, roaring, life-size mechanical reproductions, there is nothing stopping you from having an amazing day with the kids.

One of the most beautiful buildings to visit in Vienna is the Imperial Butterfly House. Right at the heart of the city, you will find a unique tropical oasis encapsulated in one of the most beautiful Art Noveau palm houses in the world. The entire building transports you to a whimsical dream where you are surrounded by beautiful plants and all kinds of wonderful creatures.

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The beauty of Prague does not go unnoticed by kids, quite the contrary, they see Prague as a giant playground that just came out of the pages of a fairy tale. So, anything you do, like a simple walk across the Charles Bridge, will be just as magical for your kids as it is for you. However, there are activities in Prague that will definitely improve children’s experience in the city.

Starting with the National Technical Museum, this one is sure to be a success with any kid in love with planes, trains and chocolate and anything in between. In one of the oldest and largest museums in the country, you will be able to visit a showcase of technological innovations in 14 different fields that will appeal to you and your kids alike. There are unique items exhibited here, including the first automobile manufactured in the country and a number of planes used in WWII.

LEGOs are a sure success among children (and some parents, too), and if you find yourself in Prague with an hour to spare, you must visit Czech Repubrick. In this exhibition, you will find the beautiful city you are visiting, entirely made of LEGOs, from the Charles Bridge to St. Vitus Cathedral. And if one was not enough, there is another LEGO exhibition in town; this one is not only the largest in town but the largest in the entire world. The LEGO Museum exceeds all of the others of the same type by being the largest in size and number of exhibitions. Halfway between Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, you can find this reimagined brick-made world and you can even create a model of your own.

When your kids get hangry (hungry and angry because they haven’t eaten in a while), take them to the Výtopna Railway Restaurant, where food is brought to you by miniature train. This is obviously a wonderful time for any kid, but we are sure most parents enjoy it just as much. The restaurant serves typical Czech food and burgers as well, which is bound to make the kids even happier.

For a relaxing afternoon, take the funicular up to Petřín Hill, where you will get one of the most spectacular views of the city. The hill is easily recognizable due to its TV tower that somewhat looks like the Eiffel Tower (which you can climb for more breathtaking views). In this area, you will find a handful of activities that are sure to entertain you and the children. The mirror maze, with its distorting mirrors, is sure to induce a few laughs. From February to November, on weekend afternoons (and daily during summer months), you can find pony and horseback rides available to children (and what kid doesn’t love a pony??). There is also the observatory and the beautiful rose garden.

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Spain has some of the best cities to visit with kids. The cities are easily accessible and walkable, and the locals are the nicest. Barcelona, joining the city life to the beach life is perfect for your kids to nourish family vacation memories.

In Park Güell, designed by Antoni Gaudí, your kids' imagination will be nurtured by the colourful broken tile mosaics decorating walls and seats, the playful curvy lines and the cool walkways. This park, a staple in any guide to Barcelona, is the perfect place for parents to do some sightseeing in and of the city without boring the kids.

For an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a trip back to the 18th century, you can enjoy a calm afternoon in a labyrinth park. Parc del Laberint d'Horta was donated to the city council by the Davalls and has been open to the public since 1971 for a nominal entrance fee. Whilst the kids will love the 2-meter-high maze that is bound to host many hide-and-seek games, the grown-ups are sure to love the temples, pavilions and statues of roman gods and mythological figures dotted throughout the park. The beautiful gardens and trees are perfect for a romantic stroll and to incite the curiosity of the kids.

For another good family-friendly park (and much closer to town), you can head on to Parc de la Ciutadella. This park, built to house the Universal Exhibition of 1888, still maintains the same glamour of the 19th century, with its beautiful centrepiece fountain that features the birth of Venus. Kids can feed the ducks and geese that reside in the lake, see the over 100 years old statue of the woolly mammoth and sit on its trunk for pictures, you can rent boats and paddle around and visit the various botanical greenhouses.

For a little snack after all the adventure of the day, make sure you go to a churrería. The little fried tubes dipped in chocolate are a success among locals and are a sure success with the little ones as well. A churro is a must when travelling to any Spanish city, so, as expected, there are a few churrerías around town, we recommend: Comaxurros, Chocolatería La Nena and Xurreria San Roman.

For a day of fun and excitement for the kids, take a day trip to PortAventura. The theme park, located an hour away from Barcelona, is divided into 6 parts: Mediterránia, Polynesia, China, Mexico, Far West and SésamoAventura. The park opened in 1995, and it’s mostly known for its star ride, the Dragon Khan. The entire complex houses multiple hotels, a golf course, a beach club, a water park and a convention center.

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Much like Spain, Portugal is known for its kind locals that will love your kids, and Lisbon is no different. Although at first sight, the famous steep hills of the city might not seem like a great idea for a stroll with the kids, this city is for sure going to be one of the kids' favourites.

Start by heading to Oceanário, the house of 8,000 sea creatures and 500 different species, located in Parque das Nações. Lisbon’s aquarium is one of the largest in Europe and is an immersive experience that usually is a big success among the little ones. Here they can see the only sea otters in Europe, sharks and seahorses and be a part of the various initiatives the foundation has for children. Purchase your tickets in advance here.

Just across the street, you might find the Pavilion of Knowledge, an interactive science and technology museum that will stimulate the scientific knowledge of kids and grown-ups alike. This is a great way to allow your children to broaden their scientific knowledge through scientific experiences, games and interactive experiences.

You can also check out the 3D Fun Art Museum. The interactive experience has over 40 different scenarios that include 3D images and optical illusions that will incentivize your kids’ imagination. This one will be great for some fun photos for your kids to remember their trip to Lisbon fondly.

Next (probably already on your Lisbon bucket list), get ready to climb those hills and get to Castelo de São Jorge. The view of the city will be breathtaking and will make your kids’ imaginations go wild whilst they run around exploring the castle and see the residential peacocks. You can also check out the camera obscura for a 360º real-time view of the city.

Finally, make sure you take a ride on a tram. This Lisbon staple is usually a fun time for the kids, plus you save yourself another walk. The iconic 28-yellow tram will take you on a tour of the best views in the city, from the Lisbon Cathedral to Terreiro do Paço. With a Lisbon Card you can access the tram, other forms of transportation and various museums.

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The Northern capital of Portugal is often overlooked as a family destination since it’s mostly known for the Porto Wine. This is a wrong misconception. Porto is a great place to spend a couple of days relaxing and exploring.

The first location you must visit it’s actually not in Porto at all but in Vila Nova de Gaia. There you can see the World of Wine, a complex of museums, bars, restaurants and a wine school. Kids mostly love the Chocolate Story, several interactive exhibitions that tell the story of chocolate around the world, and you can even sample your own chocolate and take it home for a simple price. Whilst parents have a taste of some famous Porto Wine and chocolate and the kids can have some fun making cake pops.

Now travel across the river and check out the Palácio da Bolsa, the old stock exchange palace in Porto. Kids love palaces, and the intricate details on the wall of this one will leave them in awe. The guided tour is mandatory, but it's well worth it. By far, the coolest room is the Arabian room, featuring Arabian-inspired architecture and decor.

Next, head to the Immersivus Gallery at Furnas da Alfândega do Porto, where you can visit the Impressive Monet and Brilliant Klimt exhibit. In the underground space, you can surround yourself with the magical works of Monet and Klimt that have jumped out of the frames and splashed themselves onto the walls. This immersive exhibit is a great way to show the kids the beautiful work of some of the greatest artists of all time.

For the lovers of the Harry Potter franchise (and even those who are not), you simply must visit Livraria Lello, the bookshop that is said to have inspired the author to create the famous fantasy world. The incredibly detailed woodwork will make your jaw drop, and the spiral staircase will be perfect for some pictures.

Finally, to wind down a long day of exploring, go to Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, where you can explore the beautiful gardens and the glass dome. The park offers some of the best views of the city, and it's perfect for soaking in some sun and for the kids to run around. Stick around for the sunset and get the perfect picture of the sun going down behind the Arrábida Bridge.

For more fun experiences to do with the kids, check out Fever, Tiqet and LivingTours.

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We hope you and your family enjoy your holiday, bag and stress-free! Don’t forget to use our promo code BLOG10 for 10% off on your next purchase of a LUGGit service!

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