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Guide to Prague (what to see and what to do)


by Francisca Ribeiro, Marketing & Communication

Published November 18, 2022


In the heart of the Czech Republic, you can find the “Golden City”, the “City of a Hundred Spires”, or, as it's more commonly known, Prague.
Now picture this: for a weekend, you find yourself in this century-old city known for its architecture, music, and beer.

However, you don’t know what to do to enjoy your time in the best way possible. First of all, get rid of your bags with LUGGit’s help, then follow our guide for this grand city.

What to see

Take a walk around town

Prague is heavy on history and a walk around Old Town will prove it. As soon as you enter through the Powder Tower (one of the city gates) and take a step onto the cobblestone streets, you will feel like you’re in a fairytale.

Around these parts, you’ll find some of the most beautiful landmarks of the city. In Old Town Square, surrounded by buildings of different architectural styles, you can find the Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn, the main church in this part of the city. Also, you can stumble on the Old Town Hall and its beautiful medieval Astronomical Clock, as well as the Czech National Gallery in the Kinský Palace.

After a while, you might want to lose yourself in the beautiful streets, and you may be just right! There are so many more amazing buildings to see that a simple morning stroll might not be enough for everything!

Walk across the Charles Bridge

You cannot say you have been to Prague if you don’t walk across the Charles Bridge. Built in 1357 by the order of King Charles IV, the stone arched bridge crosses the Vltava river and is protected by three bridge towers and has 30 Gothic statues and sanctuaries along both sides.

The bridge is usually crowded with tourists and street vendors, so the best hours to go for a walk are either in the earlier hours of the morning, while the sun rises and the bridge is almost empty, or by night, whilst seeing the beautiful city lights reflected on the water.

This bridge, also known for its myths and urban legends, perfectly encapsulates the entire city’s atmosphere!

Photos by Martin Krchnacek on Unsplash

Visit Prague Castle

Being the biggest castle complex in the world, Prague Castle is one of the city’s top attractions. You can visit the Prague Castle area every day from 6:00 to 22:00, and the museums and indoor exhibitions are open from 9:00 to 17:00 in summer and till 16:00 in winter.

The castle, looming above Vltava's left bank, is known for the amazing historic buildings it holds within its walls!

Photos by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Take a look at Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is the only place in the entire city where graffiti is deemed legal, and this wall is a significant political and historical symbol.

It was formerly known as the “Crying Wall” and was a place for people to manifest their opposition to the Communist government. Having once pictured John Lennon’s face (although it is now covered), the artwork on the walls was a way for Prague residents to show their desire to acquire Western culture (like the Beatles' music), which was banned at the time.

When you're around these parts, you might even be able to listen to some artists covering some of the Beatles' music!

Photos by Guido Coppa on Unsplash

What to do

Prague is a city filled with culture and, besides the wonderful sightseeing, there are amazing things to do, some delicious food to eat and unique beer to taste. Here are some of our suggestions:

Visit the Christmas Markets

If you’re lucky enough to visit this city around wintertime, you can enjoy a stroll around Prague’s Christmas Markets. The most famous ones are located in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, 5 minutes away from each other.

These markets are a wonder for both kids and grown-ups, transpiring with Christmas magic, lots of food and fun!

Photos by SHansche on iStock

Visit a Beer Hall

Prague is home to plenty of bars, cellars, large beer halls and modern cafés. When the pilsner is said to be the best invention to come out of the Czech Republic, giving a try to a beer hall might not be a bad idea!

  • Double Trouble is one of the most popular gothic cellar pubs located in Old Town
  • U Medvidků is more than 550 years old and has what is commonly regarded as the strongest beer in the Czech Republic at 11.8%
  • Ferdinanda, a wonderful cellar that has retained its Medieval atmosphere, is located near Prague Castle

If you’re not already completely enthralled with the magical environment of this city, these beer halls might do the trick.

Try traditional Czech cuisine

The Czech cuisine is highly influenced by french cuisine, so, on your trip, you must try:

  • Svíčková Na Smetaně requires around three hours to make and consists of a quality cut of beef (or beef sirloin) slowly roasted and served with vegetable puree
  • Goulash is a rich, meaty stew, typically prepared during winter
  • The Trdelník, although not originally Czech, can be bought from street vendors in tourist areas year-round

These dishes pack a lot of flavours and are guaranteed to warm you up when you’re out in the winter weather!

Photos by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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