Improve your guests’

Improve your

guests’ experience 

Integrate our luggage pick-up and delivery service and save money, time, and space.

Optimise your check-in and check-out operations

Provide your guests with better experiences while enjoying their time

Earn a commission for each service


Why we should work together

The chance to provide an automated luggage pick up and delivery service to your guests.

A new source of revenue

Earn a commission every time one of your guests uses LUGGit

More & better reviews

Provide a solution that improves your guests’ experience

More space & less luggage

Check-in and check-out optimisation


Provide your guests with a custom landing page

We create a personalised landing page for you so that your guests can request LUGGit before arrival.

Anticipate your guests’ needs

You can send a direct link to your guests in your pre-check-in or late check-out communication templates, whether it be e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other channel.

Optimise your business operations

With our one-time setup solution, you can instantly solve your early check-in and late check-out luggage-related problems.

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Back in 2017, I was a proud 5 stars Airbnb Host. Once I began to be completely overwhelmed with my guests' requests to check in earlier or check out later due to their luggage, I understood something was wrong. That's why LUGGit was born. To free Guests and Hosts from the burden of handling luggage, giving travelers free time to enjoy themselves and the Hosts free time to focus on important business matters.

Ricardo Figueiredo


More than 60 Partners


We work to provide the best service to you and your guests

Our baggage collection and delivery platform can be used in any way that suits you best. Depending on your business and the type of interaction you wish to provide to your guests, we can integrate several solutions.



Become part of the process with the ability to request and monitor services



Integrate LUGGit’s widget easily in your website for a better and more unique booking experience



Integrate LUGGit on any platform with our API


Integrate anywhere


Our partners' feedback


Rental Property Manager

Our staff is always busy. Therefore, recommending LUGGit is simpler than luggage storage. LUGGit is much more appealing to the guests and offers greater comfort.

Nest House Lisbon Hostel


The service is amazing - fast and on time. For sure we will always recommend LUGGit to our guests.

Time Cooler

Rental Property Manager

We have been working with LUGGit for some time now and we couldn’t be happier. With LUGGit, our guests save money, time and enjoy everything the city has to offer without being worried about their luggage. The feedback has been amazing! We will always recommend this service.

Five Stars

Rental Property Manager

LUGGit has been facilitating the life of our customers because we don't have a 24h service or luggage storage capacity. The results prevail in our reviews. We have no additional costs or work and we still earn a commission.

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