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Where to store your luggage in Prague?

by Sofia Brito, Marketing & Communication

Published November 23, 2022


Exploring a new beautiful city full of monuments and places to visit like Prague is an exciting life experience. However, having to drag your luggage while waiting for an Airbnb check-in/check-out or a flight takes a lot out of this adventure.

This is why we recommend you get rid of this burden by storing your luggage. These are the options that are available to you:

The best Luggage storage option


Contrary to other conventional luggage storage solutions, LUGGit allows you to get rid of the inconvenience of travelling to the storage units to drop off or pick up your luggage. LUGGit picks up, stores and delivers your luggage anytime, anywhere. Book on the website or the app, in advance or in real-time, and once your request is confirmed, a Keeper will meet you and collect then drop off your luggage at the scheduled time and place.

Also, as opposed to many alternatives, LUGGit offers insurance up to 1200€ per bag.

Here’s a discount code for you to get started: BLOG10

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Other conventional luggage storage facilities

While LUGGit makes luggage storage very convenient by having a Keeper pick up and drop off your luggage anywhere, anytime, there are other traditional options (where you go to the storage unit and come back to it yourself) available to you.

Train Stations

  1. Prague Main Railway Station

    • Left Luggage Office

      You can find this solution on the right-hand side after entering the station, next to the subway entrances.

      Prices vary on the type of bag to be stored and go up to 4€ per bag. They are open between 06:00 am and 11 pm.


      The large yellow boxes are by the entry-level park. The prices go up to CZK150 for 24 hours for suitcase luggage. Time starts counting from the moment you close the door.

      There’s also no access to this option between 00:30 am and 03:30 am.

    • Lockers

      There are three types of lockers and vary in the size and type of luggage they store. Prices hover around CZK120 for 24 hours.

      You can find these lockers on the north side of the station at the bottom of the escalators. Unfortunately, there is no access between 00:30 am and 03:30 am.

  2. Prague Masarykovo Train Station

    The Left Luggage Office is on the Hybernska Street side. Here you can store any luggage up to 15kg for CZK50 a day, CZK160 a week, or CZK350 a month. Anything over 15 kg can only be left for a day.


The bookings are only online, via the website or their app. Once you book, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail that you’ll have to show in the StashPoint you chose, as well as a photo ID.

The prices are €5 per bag per day.

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You only can book Bounce services online through their website or app. The cost of this service is 5€ a day per bag, and they have 19 different locations where you can leave your bags in Prague.
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NannyBag also has to be booked online through their website or app. The cost is 150kč (6€) per bag per day, and there are several Nannys around the city.
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Radical Storage

You have to book and pay online to store your luggage at Radical Storage. Their storage points do not accept baggage without online booking. The cost of this service is 5€ a day per bag. Each piece of luggage is covered by 3000€ insurance.
There are 12 places of luggage storage around the city. Some of them are open 24/7.
Radical Storage Logo

Remember, carrying bags is a thing of the past. So, which option will you choose not to waste your time? Prague is waiting for you! Happy visits.

And remember, you can get started with LUGGit with this 10% off Coupon: BLOG10

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