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Luggage Storage - Visit Vienna without bags

by Sofia Brito, Marketing & Communication

Published May 23, 2022


You arrive in Vienna and have a few hours left before the check-in, or you have to check out early, which leaves you with a few hours to see more of the city before the flight. So, what do you do with your luggage? Carry it around? To us, that is not an option.

Let's find out what your luggage storage options are.


LUGGit is a luggage storage service that connects travellers with Keepers (drivers). Whether you arrive by plane, train or any other travelling method, LUGGit collects and delivers your luggage at the time and place you choose anywhere in the city. You can book it in real-time or in advance with our app or website.

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Benefits of using LUGGit:

  • Customer support every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Track your luggage in real-time using the mobile app
  • You don't need to go to luggage lockers and come back to pick up your luggage
  • Insurance of 500€ (standard) or 1200€ (premium) per bag

Check more here.

Vienna Infrastructures

As you arrive at the Vienna International Airport, you can store your bags in the check-in areas of terminals T1 and T3 and at the arrival area. It has a fixed price of 4€ per bag or 8€ for large suitcases. They are a great choice if you have a few hours to explore the city before your stopover flight!

If you are visiting Vienna by train, you can use the storage lockers in these train stations:

  • Wien Hauptbahnhof station (main railway station)
  • Wien-Meidling station (southwest of the city centre)
  • Westbahnhof (serves western Austria)

They all have ÖBB lockers, which are available for a maximum of 24 hours, and the prices depend on the size of your bags, being between 2€ and 4,50€.

If you want to do some shopping, you can store your bags in the Wien Mitte - The Mall. They also have ÖBB lockers such as the train stations.

Some other options you have to store your luggage in Vienna are:


NannyBag is a luggage storage solution where you can drop off your bags at one of their Nannies (partner shops, hotels or restaurants). In Vienna, they have 28 Nannies scattered around the city, and it has a fixed price of 6€ per day, but you have to go to the place's location to drop it off and then pick it up.

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Radical Storage

Radical Storage is a luggage storage network that also works with partner shops, restaurants, cafés and others to store your bags there. They have 46 partners around the city, and it has a fixed price of 5€, but, just like NannyBag, you have to travel to their location.

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LuggageHero is luggage storage that works with partner shops, hotels and cafés as well. They have ten partners throughout the city, and it has a flat rate of 8€ per day or 1€ per hour, but this service shares the inconvenience of the two previous ones.

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Stasher is a storage solution that works with shops and hotels. They have two partners in Vienna, and the price starts at 5€ per item, but, like the previous ones, it has the inconvenience of having to go to its location.

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So with all these options, which one will you choose? The one where you don't have to travel to store and pick up your bag or the others, where you have to waste time to get to and from the place?

Now that you know where and how to store your luggage, here are a few places you can visit freely: 7 places you must visit in Vienna


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