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The most innovative Luggage storage solution is now in Barcelona and Prague

by Youssef Ben Ahmed, Growth Marketing

Published July 22, 2022


LUGGit’s mission to set you free from your luggage and provide you with a hassle-free exploring experience expanded to two new cities!

Following our first international expansion to Vienna in 2021, we are excited to bring our solution and newly developed product to two of the most exciting European cities. While we envision seeing LUGGit in every city of the world, getting there is a multi-step process. For this reason, we always choose our following destinations carefully and thoroughly.

Landing on Barcelona and Prague as new targets for our Luggage storage solution was a result of months of internal discussions and research that highlighted the key benefits of these amazing metropolises:

  • The thriving Short-term Rentals environment: Short-term rentals constitute one of our main partners, as we often work hand in hand to offer the best experience for their guests, while reducing their logistics costs and operation headaches completely free of charge.

    For this reason, we look at the market and its several players when deciding where to go next. The fact that both cities offer such a large and diverse supply of accommodations made them strong candidates. If you are interested in offering our services to your guests, don’t hesitate to check out this page.

  • The emerging Tech-Tourism eco-system: Both cities, particularly Barcelona, offer a very innovative emerging tech eco-system within their travel industry. The Spanish Metropolitan area values technological advancement and integration in its operations, as seen in the various successful newly formed startups working in the field. Therefore, it makes our potential stakeholders in the city, from partners to media, more receptive and eager to know more about our solution.

  • The cities layout: One important aspect of our research that can be easily overlooked is the city layout. The number of airports, the distance between them and the city centre, and the traffic congestion are all things we have to keep in mind. Operating in a city that is very congested, with multiple airports far from each other can impact our quality of service due to external factors since our service is the pick-up, storage and delivery of the luggage, anywhere, anytime. Thus, making sure to operate in a city that enable us to provide our value proposition according to our high standards.

    Prague and Barcelona both offer an easy city layout, with smooth traffic and only one airport that is easily accessible, which makes the city less challenging operations wise.

Photos by Logan Armstrong on Unsplash

This milestone is announced following our most successful summer yet where we are expecting to handle over 40 000 pieces of luggage. We are witnessing an exponential growth in our activity in the year 2022 due to an increase in our operations and cities, a rise in the number of our partners, and the recovery of the travel industry after the pandemic. This boom also showcased the logistical issues of the travel industry this summer, one of which is the luggage nightmare, a challenge that we will always keep fighting.

However, while we are very excited about this milestone, this will hardly be our last expansion, so stay tuned for more exciting news! 😉

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