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New App for an (even) better Customer Experience

by Youssef Ben Ahmed (Growth Marketing) & João Pedrosa (CTO)

Published April 05, 2022


Since our debut in 2019, LUGGit has been on a mission: provide the most convenient and innovative luggage storage solution to its customers.

Despite working and launching on a non-native app, we were able to innovate in our industry by offering a real-time luggage pickup solution, when no one in the field offered (and still not offering) such a feature.

Many had a question in mind: “why did you decide to build the hardest experience from launch?”. Well it was simple, we wanted to learn as fast as possible and at that same time provide the BEST EXPERIENCE to people.

Over 2019 and 2020, despite operating in a highly impacted industry due to the global health crisis, we were able to evolve, learn and prepare everything to witness considerable growth, which was seen in 2021 and has not stopped. We recorded over 80% of Month over Month Growth for that year, while introducing a new web platform and going international by expanding to Vienna.

On top of it, everything was achieved by always having the traveler's experience in mind, as you can see on the amazing reviews that highlight our advantage compared to other solutions in the industry.

This success gave us the opportunity and means to improve our core proposition, while gradually improving our product by each rolling update. All this has built up to a major milestone, the release of our newest Android app (soon to be followed by an iOS version).

This new version is completely reworked from the ground up to offer a much more enhanced and improved experience for our customers, enabling us to advance further in our mission of convenience and innovation!

New features and changes:

  • While previously we only offered real-time luggage collection on the app, and booked-in-advance requests on the web, the new app allows our customers to have the best of both worlds: it allows them to make a real-time request (if they are in one of our areas of operations) or book their requests in advance.
  • This new version comes with an Internal chat to talk with our customer support at any point of the service. This enables the customer to always have an integrated point of contact with LUGGit and with the Keeper without having to switch apps (previous customer support communication was done through Whatsapp Business).
  • A completely fresh look. We focused on improving and redesigning the UI/UX , to have a more self-explanatory interaction with our customers, to enable them to understand all about our service while requesting it. Now a service is created around a single flux of interaction while requesting a real-time or booking request, to simplify the user interaction and perception of the service.
  • Toons of help messages along the way of the request. This app was designed using all the data and all the expertise that we gathered from our legacy app, which turned previous complications and challenges we faced, to awesome features and tips!

Main Challenge

The main challenge of this version was creating an intuitive user experience, especially that we are a completely new solution in the market without big similarities with other apps and services. For this reason it was necessary to create a “tutorial” from the very beginning of app use so that our customer understands the service while requesting. To achieve this flux we put all our knowledge acquired from the previous app and conduct usability tests to evaluate the best UI/UX option for each specific case and scenario.

Main achievements

The main achievement here is to have our first fresh Native app for the user since our MVP (legacy app), with the latter bringing together years of knowledge and data, and thousands of performed services and carried luggage. Moreover, it delivers new tools that our team needs to help our customers and, on top of that, provides the best possible customer experience while using LUGGit service.

We live in a world where we need to have everything, and when we feel some “pain” we want a solution that we can trust right away. With this new LUGGit app, we can confidently say this solution is all of that: it is the best solution that you can possibly have to relieve you from the burden of your luggage without any doubts or insecurities because everything that you need is there in the palm of your hand.

Next Steps

This new release is leading a series of upcoming improvements to our products that will roll out throughout this year, namely a new iOS version, a new web interface and so on, so stay tuned for more updates on our blog and across our social media channels!

See everything first-hand, download our app 😉


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