Available in Lisbon, Porto and Vienna

Enjoy your first and last hours in the city, without luggage

LUGGit offers luggage pick-up, storage and delivery at the place and time you choose.

Forget carrying luggage before check-in or after check-out

You don't need to look for storage units and come back to the same location to pick your luggage

Follow your luggage location in real-time with our mobile app

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Common Cabin Luggage

Max weight: 10kg
Max size: 55 x 40 x 20 cm


Large Bag

Common Hold Luggage

Max weight: 35kg
Max size: 85 x 55 x 35 cm



Every luggage which does not fit into small or large

Max weight: 35kg
Max size: 200 x 100 x 60 cm


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We offer the luggage storage, without the inconvenience

You’ve arrived too early for the check-in or have free time after check-out?

LUGGit picks up your luggage, stores it safely, and delivers it back to you at the time and place you choose.

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How it works

LUGGit gives you access to a fleet of professional drivers that we call “Keepers.” As soon as you request the service, one of our Keepers will pick up your luggage, store it in one of our secured facilities, and then drop it off to you at the time and place of your choice.

1. You book the service

You can instantly book your LUGGit service through our website or mobile app. You just need to tell us the pick-up and drop locations, the desired time, and how many bags you have.

2. One of our Keepers will meet you at the agreed place and time.

At the place and time you selected, one of our Keepers will meet you to collect your luggage. You’ll be able to see every detail about the Keeper, such as the name and the car details.

Bonus tip: Our Keepers are wearing an orange vest with their names on it so you can quickly identify them.

3. You’ll be able to track your luggage in real-time during the day

Your bags will be sealed and secured while you enjoy your time. Of course, you can always check where they are using our mobile app.

At the requested time and location,

we will deliver your luggage back to you.

we will deliver your

luggage back to


Book where you want, follow in real-time.

You can book the service here or through our mobile app, available on iOS and Android.


We take very seriously your safety and security

We follow all the needed hygiene and disinfection procedures.

Our procedures are under the rules defined by the Portuguese Health Organization and the World Health Organization.

We hold the Safe Travels seal promoted by the World Travel and Tourism Council that certificates the compliance with standard hygiene and disinfection procedures. See the protocol here.

See the protocol here.

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