Airbnb luggage storage: 5 ways to manage your guests’ luggage


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Airbnb luggage storage: 5 ways to manage your guests’ luggage

by Joana Gonçalves, Marketing Manager

Published June 10, 2024

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It seems inevitable that vacation rental hosts will frequently handle inquiries from guests seeking early check-in or late check-out privileges, primarily to accommodate their luggage storage needs.

This is quite common because check-in or check-out times rarely align with their flight schedule and they still want to enjoy that time around the city, without the hassle of dragging luggage around.

As a host, naturally, you want to ensure your guests have the best experience possible. However, vacation rentals often lack the space for luggage storage (unlike hotels), and changing check-in and check-out schedules gets in the way of providing the best experience for the other guests, which makes it harder to find a solution to this problem.

What options are there then to help you make your guests happy and secure a positive review? In this article, we leave you 5 ways you can help your guests with Airbnb luggage storage.

1. Offer early check-in or late check-out as an upsell

This is a great and easy way to provide convenience to your guests while generating extra income. However, if you have a short guest turnover time, this might interfere with your property’s maintenance and cleaning schedule.

Determine a reasonable fee for each service, considering the additional costs of cleaning and changing your schedule, and communicate it clearly to your guests.

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2. Recommend a luggage storage service

Several Companies partner with local businesses to offer luggage storage options across various cities. By directing your guests to these services, you can provide them with a cheap solution without having to manage their luggage personally.

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3. Offer premium yet accessible luggage pick-up and delivery services such as LUGGit’s

Companies like LUGGit will collect your guests’ bags whenever they arrive in the city, store them, and deliver them to your property, or any other area of their choosing, at the time of check-in (or collect them after check-out). Unlike common storage solutions, this eliminates the need for your guests to move to a storage place to drop off and collect their luggage, giving them more free time and less stress.

Partnering with LUGGit is free and provides your guests with the best possible experience, while you get an extra source of income through commissions for each service your guests book.

4. Designate a storage area on your property

If you have the space, designating a specific area for luggage storage like a spare room or a corner of the hallway might be a solution. Make sure this place is secure to avoid the risk of your guests’ luggage being damaged or stolen. You can also take advantage of your house cleaners’ schedule and ask them to help you take in your guests’ luggage.

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5. Partner with local business

Reach out to local businesses like cafes, shops, or restaurants and inquire about potential partnerships for luggage storage. In return, you can offer them a small fee or help promote their business to your guests.

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Final thoughts

Managing Airbnb luggage storage requests effectively can greatly enhance the guest experience in your vacation rental. Either by storing it yourself or finding a third-party storage service, you can improve your guests’ stay and even find a new source of revenue.

Communicate clearly to your guests their options for Airbnb luggage storage when they book their stay and ensure happier guests, better reviews, and improved visibility in hosting websites.

If you would like to know more about our own service, feel free to book a call with our team.

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