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What to expect as a LUGGit partner

by Ricardo Figueiredo, Co-Founder & CEO

Published September 2, 2020


Being a LUGGit partner means optimizing your operational processes, improving your customers' experiences, and increasing your revenue. To do this, you can define different interactions both for yourself and your customers. See in this article what you can expect as a LUGGit partner!

Before I start, let me just define some words that I will use towards the document to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Partner: any company that provides LUGGit service to its customers;
  • Customers: people that use our service directly towards our partners' communication.

LUGGit is currently a unique service in the world for its ability to offer its users, speed of execution, security, transparency, and an above-average technological experience. Proof of this is the fantastic feedback from our customers who, even in other cities in the world (much more visited than Lisbon and Porto together) ask if perhaps there is something similar.

All of these factors are not enough for those who visit the cities of Lisbon and Porto to know that this alternative exists and therefore the great challenge is undoubtedly how we reach our potential users. Therefore, our approach for tourists from Lisbon and Porto to get to know us has always involved associating with entities in the hotel sector, be it hotels, hostels, or managers of various short-term rental properties that have as a priority the provision of a service that constantly tends to improve.

In this sense, our partners can take advantage of our partnership in 2 ways:

1. Creating a promotional code and communicating the service

  • This was the 1st model we created and is based on saving time for the host or receptionist. Using this method, the partner only communicates the service, offers the promotional code (equivalent to € 3 discount for the customer), and earns a commission whenever his code is used. Therefore, it is up to the customer to download the app and proceed, independently of the service request.

You can see customer interaction here.

2. Through our partner platform

  • On 07/07/2020, we launched a platform dedicated to any company that wants to provide a luggage collection and delivery service for its customers.
  • For this, the partner only needs to put the following information on the platform: pickup and delivery location & pickup and delivery time
  • That said, both the client and the partner will have real-time access to all relevant information about the service: who is the Keeper (name, photo), vehicle data (registration, color, model), track the location of luggage during the time they are in charge of LUGGit.
  • As in the first point, whenever the partner performs a service on our platform, we will pay a commission.

You can see the partner interaction here.

What we are building at LUGGit is, in fact, something unique not because of the complexity but because of the simplicity we offer to tourists and partners who use us.

Most hotels offer rooms for their guests to use and leave their luggage behind after check-out. Short-term rental property managers have to implement logistical gymnastics, sometimes incurring less secure ways to store luggage in times of change of guests and cleaning. All of these processes are now more difficult to manage in the face of all the effort put into cleaning and ensuring maximum safety for everyone.

It is essential to take the next step and innovate. In order to facilitate the communication of our service, we have developed a series of communication supports that facilitate the work of the partner. There are already plenty of hotels and short-term rental property managers who use our new supports to provide better experiences!

Hotel Legendary, Hotel Tryp Porto Centro and Porto Domus Hotel - Porto

Hotel Vila Galé Ópera and Vila Galé Cascais - Lisbon

Through the positioning that each partner wants to show to its customers, you can choose any of the following examples. All production and implementation costs are borne by LUGGit.

1. PVC support - stand-alone use by the customer

A4 Dimension

2. PVC support - partner's use of the platform

3. Cardboard support - stand-alone use by the customer

A5 Dimension

4. Cardboard support - partner's use of the platform

5. Sticker - autonomous use by the customer

A6 Dimension

If you want to know more about how LUGGit works or how you can be our partner, you can contact us for [email protected] or registe-se aqui.