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Terms and conditions

Last updated: 14/10/2019

The website is property of the company Bus Terrace Technologies Lda., headquartered in Via do Conhecimento, Edifício Central, Parque da Ciência e Inovação, 3830-352 Ílhavo, Portugal, District of Aveiro, Municipality of Ílhavo, Collective person number 515274003 and which operates in the market with the brand LUGGit, being hereinafter designated by this brand.

The website is registered on the name of LUGGit and in accordance with the applicable law.

The LUGGit brand is protected through the registration of national brand no 599973, and its use is expressly prohibited without prior authorisation.

  1. Site Terms of Use

By accessing our website, USERS (whether they are mere visitors to our site or possible candidates to Keepers), assume to know and accept the terms and conditions of their use identified below, and agree that the contentious arising out of the use are judged in accordance with the Portuguese law.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions and privacy policy, you should refrain from making any use of our website.

If you continue with the navigation, be aware that any form of use will be understood, for all legal purposes, as the full acceptance of the terms and conditions which are in force at every moment you access it. In this respect, you should also know that we may modify, unilaterally and at all times , the content provided herein, becoming valid after the publication of each change. Thus, we reserve the right to change, delete or, in any way, modify the information herein constant, without the need for any notice, and/or any changes published on our website.

The interaction and/or** content use of this website does not depend on the creation of any USER account unless you wish to cooperate with us as a ** Keeper ** user**. In this case, it will be necessary and mandatory to perform a pre-registration on our website and make available all the information marked as mandatory. On the pre-registration you should carefully read the following point as well as our privacy policy.

The use of our website is reserved for legal persons duly constituted and persons with at least 18 years old and with legal capacity to sign contracts. When acting on behalf of a legal person you can only do so in the case of possessing lawful powers of representation and/or binding for this purpose.

NOTE THAT: In the case of applying to be a Keeper as a legal person, the requirements and obligations extent to the necessary adaptations, either the legal person itself or the individual persons who will act under the responsibility of the legal person. It is the legal person who responds to the fulfillment of all obligations and legal duties or contractually required, and this must ensure compliance with all those who act under their responsibility.

All information available here, whether text or image (video or not), controlled or licensed, is intellectual property owned by LUGGit. The user is expressly prohibited of modifying, reproducing, distributing or make any use of it, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you do so, you are violating the intellectual property rights and may be liable in the general terms of law, whether in the field of civil law or under the criminal law.

  1. Execution of pre-registration in by the USER candidate to Keeper

This faculty is reserved to the user candidate to be a LUGGit's Keeper , being the sine qua NON condition for subsequent creation of the Keeper account and the signature of the contract for the provision of services with LUGGit.

If you are in this situation, please be aware that the contractual conditions will be made available to you by LUGGit at the time prior to the creation of the Keeper account, in the case of your application is approved.

2.1. What do you need to know about pre-registration and creation of an account

The pre-registration of the Keeper needs the submission to LUGGit of a set of mandatory information and documentation necessary to LUGGit assess the compliance with the its requirements. Please consult our Privacy Policy to know which data and personal information we request and how we proceed to its treatment.

The following are minimum requirements : Identification information, including the full name, civil identification number and validity, tax number, bank account number, email address, mobile phone number, and photograph; have an identification document valid and driving license; criminal record updated; vehicle documents; preferably have a civil responsibility insurance in accordance with the terms defined by LUGGit; working accidents insurance; proof of VAT exemption and initiation of activity with the competent authority;

In case of fulfillment of all the aforementioned requirements, LUGGit will send to the email address provided by the user an email a code that will allow you to create the Keeper account in the APP.

At that time, and always before the conclusion and creation of the Keeper account, LUGGit will give you the specific contractual conditions of the service you will provide.

Please be aware that the conclusion of the creation of the Keeper account constitutes a contract for the provision of services between the Keeper and LUGGit, applying for both these terms and conditions to be made available to the Keeper. For what is not foreseen in here it is applied the applicable legislation.

2.2. LUGGit Keepers Profile

The candidates for Keepers must review themselves on the values which LUGGit is based: sympathy, kindness, joy, commitment, focus on the client and its well-being, safety and trust.

The candidates for Keepers should also be willing in their performance and under the contract of service celebrated with LUGGit, to fulfill the company's mission: to provide a service of excellence to all its customers.

This mission has, in turn, a strategic vision: to build an ecosystem in which all the parties involved feel, because they are in fact, important and preponderant to the success of LUGGit.

The candidates should have always present that, when they sign the contract under these terms, they will be the face of the brand. Threrefore they have to reflect the values, mission and vision of the brand, acting in conformity.

To ensure the compliance with this objective, the candidate will have to ensure that he/she complies with the following requirements. If this is not the case, please refrain from advancing and submitting your application. The requirements are as follows:

  • Always have and maintain a careful and adequate appearance to the service you will provide;
  • If you wear sunglasses, you should remove them whenever you approach the customer, making eye contact;
  • Upon arrival and contact with the customer, the Keeper must always refer /good day/afternoon/night depending on the period of the day and present him/herself: I am...;
  • If the Keeper notices that the request made by the customer does not correspond to the reality (number or typology of the luggage), it should not only change in the application but also explain to the customer the reason of the change;
  • The trunk of the vehicle should always be clean and without further content other than that collected in LUGGit services;
  • At the end of each interaction with the customer, the Keeper should always thank the fact that he used LUGGit and wish the customer a good stay/travel;
  • The Keeper must not have any signs of changes caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or illicit substances, under penalty of not using anymore LUGGit;
  • The Keeper should not have sharp objects or guns in the vehicle;
  • We will always collect from our customers feedback of the entire experience, so we warn you of the importance of complying with the established by LUGGit.

2.3. Terms of service agreement

The terms of the service contract will only be made available by LUGGit if the user candidate to Keeper meets the minimum requirements required in the pre-registration and therefore receives confirmation of acceptance by email sent by LUGGit with the code for the creation of the respective account.

If your application after evaluation is not accepted, the terms of the contract will not be given to you.

  1. Personal data

With regard to the personal data of the USERs, LUGGit, under the terms permitted by the Portuguese law, is authorized to make computer processing of the data of the users of the website committing itself not to disclose to third parties information concerning data, or information of its accesses, except required by law.

For more information on personal data processing, please see our Privacy policy.

  1. Copyright and Industrial Property rights

All contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images, photographs, trademarks and other content, are protected by copyright and industrial property rights, and they are owned by LUGGit or other entities that have authorized the insertion of their texts, graphics, images and other content on the website.

Therefore, such content may not be edited or produced, in whole or in part, by any technical means, nor processed, modified, or transferred to other uses, without the prior authorisation of LUGGit or other holders of such rights, except for the data considered as free use by the copyright code and related rights.

Therefore, any use that go against these legal provisions will be subject to the competent procedures in accordance with applicable legislation.

  1. Links

By browsing our page, you can find links to third party platforms including social networks (such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITER, LINKEDIN and YOUTUBE) and websites that refer and give notice to our company. The existence of such links does not mean that LUGGit has the right or control of the content of such Web pages or materials. LUGGit is not responsible for the content of any of these platforms or for any fact arising out of its use or visualization and therefore of the USER's responsibility to carry out all the necessary verification procedures before deciding to use them or not. In fact, we do not accept any liability for any damage or loss arising out of its use. As to personal data we advise you to consult our Privacy policy.

USERs wishing to establish a link between a WEB page of their ownership and our site, may do so by asking authorization though an email to the responsible mentioned herein and after the written consent provided in answer to the first email.

  1. Doubts and complaints

For any further clarification related to the website or these Terms and Conditions please contact us by email: [email protected].

  1. Applicable law

These terms and conditions and all emerging disputes related, including their validity, are governed solely and exclusively by Portuguese law and shall be competent for the resolution of all and any possible disputes arising from there the Portuguese courts, with express resignation to any other.

Date of last update: 14/10/2019