Ynnov and LUGGit partnership


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Ynnov and LUGGit integration:

Ensure guests can easily enjoy their time without luggage while improving Hosts operation

by Ricardo Figueiredo, Co-Founder & CEO

Published May 05, 2022


With 12 years of evolution, Ynnov is the completest accommodation management platform for the Portuguese market. With an extensive range of features, the Ynnov software guarantees efficient and automated management of the entire operation, whether for local accommodation, hostels or hotels. Now, it has partnered with LUGGit to offer its clients a better solution to optimise luggage management.

When both Ynnov and LUGGit teams gathered to discuss what they could do to improve their customers' experience, it was evident that travellers waste time thinking about what to do with luggage before check-in or after check-out. Unfortunately, that is a problem that most Airbnb Hosts and hotels also feel.

This collaboration aims to automate every communication with guests so that a solution to take off their luggage can be offered even before they ask! That’s how you innovate.

What is Ynnov?

The Ynnov software is, nowadays, the completest lodging management software available for the Portuguese market. With its vast array of features guarantees an efficient and automated management of the entire operation. By using Ynnov, owners and managers can save precious time on their daily management, regain better life quality and focus on what’s truly important for their businesses. They’ll diminish the chances of human error, enhance client satisfaction and increase their lodging’s profitability.

Ynnov software includes a powerful Channel Manager, that synchronises with the main distribution channels, and a Property Management System, that allows the clients to centrally manage all aspects of bookings and accommodations. This includes SEF communications, e-mails and text messages, housekeeping, maintenance, online check-ins, finance, additional services, INE/SREA reports, guest data, touristic taxes, digital keys, notifications and alerts, several automation mechanisms, staff, owners portal and statistics.

Do you want to know more? Visit the Ynnov website

What is LUGGit?

LUGGit is a platform that provides a baggage collection, storage and delivery service. Any Airbnb host struggling to find a solution to manage their guests' luggage can integrate the LUGGit service into their communications (FREE), so that guests can easily book a Keeper (driver) to pick up their luggage where they are, store it all the time they need and deliver it to the place and time they choose (like an Uber, but for luggage).

LUGGit started in 2019 in Lisbon and Porto, and in addition to those cities, it is present in Vienna and Prague. In 2020, the World Tourism Organisation considered it the Second Most Innovative Solution in the World.

How it works:

Step 1: Personalised Landing Pages

We create a personalised landing page for each of Ynnov’s customers that looks like this. They can add their logo so their guests can recognise it.

Also, an exclusive promo code will be filled so their guests can benefit from a 3€ discount.

Step 2: Communicate with guests

Hosts can insert the landing page link into any communication with them. For example, WhatsApp, e-mail, or OTAs. If they do it through Ynnov, they quickly automatise this communication for pre-check-in and check-out with a one-time setup.

Step 3: How LUGGit communicates with the guests

As soon as the request is complete, guests will receive the confirmation in two different ways:

  1. An e-mail
  1. And a WhatsApp message confirming every detail and giving their guests the possibility to download the LUGGit mobile app to track every movement of the Keepers in real-time.

Step 4: Increasing revenue

As soon as guest requests come through their landing page, Ynnov’s customers will receive an automatic e-mail confirming every detail, including the commission.

LUGGit and Ynnov partnership will get several advantages, both for Hosts and travellers:

The Hosts will:

  • Optimise its logistics and operations
  • Provide a better experience to their guests
  • Earn a new source of income

The Guests will:

  • Optimise their time
  • Recognise the destination as a source of innovation
  • Take a proactive approach to deal with their luggage

If you want to know more about our solution and how it could help you provide better experiences, check our website or contact us.


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