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How to manage a local accommodation in Portugal - Part 3

by Francisca Ribeiro, Marketing & Communication

Published April 05, 2023


We have walked you through how to register your local accommodation and start your business, we have helped you manage your taxes. Now we will help you by giving you tips for the long haul.

Managing a short-term rental can be overwhelming, troublesome and sometimes a bit more than you bargained for. This last part of the guide is meant to ease your journey and help you run your business.

Property Management Software

As a property manager and/or owner, you must deal with utilities, repairs and maintenance, a mountain of paperwork and finding tenants. You have to communicate with a variety of parties, including neighbourhood civic associations and prospective residents. As a result, if one lacks the proper equipment for the job, property management can be a time-consuming process. Property management software is the tool for every property manager out there.

A great platform offers solutions for property management, communications, upkeep and other property-related tasks. Additionally, it works as a screening tool for potential tenants, customers and suppliers, as well as a bridge to rent collection. In summary, the system unifies and streamlines the interactions between the various players in the real estate ecosystem.

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Consider outsourcing or delegating time-consuming tasks

Which task takes up the majority of your time? The tasks a property manager wants to focus on frequently get pushed aside in favour of more time-consuming, repetitive, but necessary tasks.

If you find that you are spending a lot of time on monotonous administrative tasks, it might be beneficial to think about outsourcing those tasks to a support worker, app, or service. Even one outsourced task can help you save hours or even minutes of valuable time.

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Improve your guest’s experience

Do little things for your guests. A simple bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or some flowers will improve the perception that they'll have of you and your accommodation, will improve their rating of the place and, inevitably, bring in more guests.

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Recommend services/activities to your guests

Whilst in town, your guests will need fun activities to better enjoy their time in a new city. From great restaurants with typical food to museums with history, you must recommend them all to your guests. You must also recommend services that will improve their stay in town, for instance, LUGGit.

You can partner with LUGGit to improve your guests’ experience and reduce your stress when they ask you to keep their bags in the accommodation after they leave and before their flight. LUGGit will pick up, store and deliver their bags to their desired location, so they can travel luggage-free before their check-in and after their check-out. Click here to find out more.

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Social Media

As a property manager, you should invest in social media, such as Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. These platforms are a great way to communicate with clients, establish trust and show your property to potential new guests. Curate an appealing and aesthetically pleasing social media profile that will make the guests see what the accommodations look like and make you more approachable, allowing them to reach you in a more laid-back way.

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Build a relationship with your guests

In every business, the relationship with the client is a must and the accommodation industry is not any different. Even though you may think that you will only have the same guest once you are wrong in two different ways. For starters, there is a possibility of a guest staying with you more than once. So, create a bond with them, make them feel at home and the next time they are in town they will choose you again. Also, even if a guest is only staying in your accommodation once, building a relationship with them will motivate them to leave a better review, eventually leading to more people wanting to book your accommodation.

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As all good things come to an end, we’ve reached the end of our “How to become a property manager” series. We hope to have helped you out with your business, from start to finish and that we have given you good tips to stand out in the market!

But, as all good things come in pairs, later this month we will post a similar series dedicated to the Spanish market, where we’ll guide you through the process of becoming a property manager in Spain!

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